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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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alert forecast. >> good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. it's about 6:00 a.m. >> and i'm vai sikahema. unless my eyes deceive me i think that's sheena parveen here. >> welcome to the early morning. >> i think you're wearing the wrong glasses but they look fantastic. >> yeah, i am here this morning. covering papal weather of course because it's a very big weekend for philadelphia. we're going to see changes as we go into the weekend too. now, we are looking at cool temperatures across the area. if you are in the lehigh valley you might need a light jacket. 57 now in reading, 66 in philadelphia, 62 millville, 65 degrees in dover and we're seeing the cloud cover too so it is going to stay mostly cloudy. by 8:00 this morning temperatures about the mid-60s. it will stay breezy, too, it's breezy outside right now. by 10:00 this morning near 70 degrees, cloudy and breezy and by noon in the low 70s.
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we'll see cloudy conditions and the breezy winds will continue. nouf, for the papal weekend in philadelphia the clouds increasing through the weekend. cool morning, cool afternoons, it will stay breezy with some rain just to our south so we'll be watching all of this as we go into the weekend. i'll have the forecast for the rest of the weekend coming up. let's look at the roadways this morning. hey, jessica. >> what we want to teach you here is not just what's going on in center city, in philadelphia and the surrounding areas but what's going to happen if you live in new jersey here we're going to show you. so we do have some closures in new jersey. minor though. 676 northbound from exit 3 to the ben franklin bridge. airport circle to the ben franklin bridge. the ben franklin bridge will be closing later on at about 10 p.m. as well as construction. there will be added volume in the area if there are road closures. new jersey department of transportation is halting lane restrictions for construction.
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those projects will still be activity but employees will only be allowed to work beyond the concrete barriers. for mass transit the river line will have limited station stops, atlantic city rail nonstop ac to philly and patco limited stops as well. when i come back there is a traffic box. i'll tell you about it when i come back. >> we're preparing for the pope with team coverage of the papal visit. everything from heightened zurt road closures and the pope's journey to philadelphia. let's start with jesse gary live in sky force 10. >> good morning to you and to everyone else. we are above the ben franklin parkway. we'll take a look right at vine street, 20th and the parkway. if we zoom in, they are using the back of the area as a staging area. they have got lots of -- one of
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those misting fans putting their in case he gets warm. make sure people have enough air to keep cool. this is one of the areas using some of the equipment for the upcoming pope's visit. how many times have you thought if i could get down without traffic you can do that, except it's closed so. a mixed bag. no traffic but you can't use it. this is right at vine, 20th and the park waiway. no regular traffic on the parkway. coming up the next half hour or so. live in sky force 10 above the parkway, jesse gary, "nbc 10 news." >> let's take you to ground level of the secure area. medal detectors started
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screening people. monique braxton joins us. what's happening now? >> reporter: good morning. we've seen about a dozen people proceeding past us to this entry point of the ben franklin parkway. security is extremely tight. you know that the secret service is present among us. this is what everybody will see once they enter or try to enter the ben franklin parkway. you see tickets only. it tells you this is a poke point. it tells you items you cannot bringthis event. you see concrete barricade posted. in the distance you see metal barricades. security personnel told thus is where they plan to snake thousands or more of people that are going to be coming through this area. and then in the distance you see
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what looks like a white tent. under that tent where you see the vehicular traffic at this point are magnetometers, so everyone who enters the park way at this point must be streen bid metal detectors. all along 20th to 12th street which is acceptable toonl those are pedestrians who have been screened. this is the first shut down of the day. 8:00 this morning authorized vehicle access roads are closed to all non-emergency traffic. at 6:00 tonight the so called traffic box goes into effect. what that means is people who live in the area but outside of the event off the ben franklin park way. if they leave they may not re-enter until monday. today is the day when under five square miles of center city and
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west philadelphia or university city will be off limits to vehicular traffic. so by 10:00 tonight secure perimeters around independence mall, and university city will also take effect. throughout the morning we're going to be monitoring all of the security activity as well as sek lar traffic. live for now, monique braxton. >> another busy day ahead. he will begin at the united nations where he will address the general assembly in spanish and english at 8:30 this morning. then expect the pope to address climate change and other issues that impact world poverty. after the speech the pope will visit ground zero, he will pray at one of the pools and take part in a ceremony where family of the victims will attend. his last stop of the day, mass
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at madison square guard tchblt pontiff will ditch his pope mobile and use a golf cart. prior to his arrival the audience treated to performances from harry connick jr. and jennifer hudson. >> katy zachry was in the big apple. she joins us with what it was like. >> you can probably feel the excitement. i was there when pope francis touched down in new york when he was flown in a helicopter. you could feel the excitement even hours before pope francis arrived in the city, people had lined manhattan streets hoping to catch a glimpse of his motorcade. i spoke with some just in the vicinity of where the pope was scheduled to be. they have didn't have a direct line. there are many in new york who traveled all the way from the pope's native argentina for this
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visit. >> translator: the emotion is overwhelming because the pope is from argentina. it's more heartfelt. >> we found a translator in the crowd there. to the disappointment of many, the pope did not get out of his fiat or pope mobile and greet people he does so well. he has a packed day as we heard so there could be more room in store for that impromptu greeting. >> we'll watch for that. first thing tomorrow the pope is flying to philadelphia. >> ahead parts of the city are shutting down. this morning exits are closed including 23rd, broad street and eighth street. if you use public
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transportation. suburban station on the regional rail line, the fifth and 15th street stops. city hall and the 15th street trolley stop. >> the perimeter took effect in center city this morning that means there is no parking in designated areas even if you bought one of those placards that helped you escape the towing earlier. you will be towed if you're parked on the street. nbc 10 is going all out to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the pope'ses have starting tomorrow morning our team will be fanned out around and across philadelphia. to bring you all the action live. we are going to see changes as we end out your week for your friday. we are nice and dry across the area but you will notice more
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cloud cover today than we had yesterday. temperatures are comfortable, 66 philadelphia, 63 right now in wilmington. 60 degrees washington township. 57 in rights town. 61 degrees in trenton. through the lehigh valley. allen town, mount pocono at 58, for south jersey closer to the shore temperatures are near the upper 60s to mid-60s. the atlantic city airport 66 degrees, dover coming in at 65 degrees. the bus stop forecast, we'll see the clouds by 7 a.m. even through the lehigh valley you should be around 57. 2:00 closer to 73. suburbs in new jersey and delaware about the mid-60s and through the afternoon mostly cloudy and breezy. wilt be a breezy day, temperatures by the afternoon here about the mid to low 70s. the winds will be up today but through the weekend we're
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watching that papal forecast closely coming up i'll have that for you. right now a check on the roadways with jessica boyington. >> let's do get a check on the roads. there is a lot this morning. >> right. especially if you need to get around center city philadelphia, new closures we're learning. >> walk us through this. >> you may have heard of traffic box. we heard about it but it's tiflt to see where all of these happen. we have a nice color coordinated area map. if you see in friend, all of the fened in areas, they are tickets required only for access there. for the purple. this area in here. that's fenced in with no ticket. in the yellow surrounding in the perimeter are no cars allowed. you will not be allowed access at all.
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for all of the areas in the green, if you are in one of these areas you live here and have a car in this area. you can drive 4 car around. there will be traffic and won't be very easy to park. once you leave the green area you cannot come back in. that's something to pay attention to. i'm going over the borders here. here is the northern edge from per regard to bridge, ridge to spring carton right here all the way to the river. you can see that in hire. that's where that traffic box starts there. >> we have the western edge. 40th all the way to university. for the southern edge in here, no cars in. remember, once you gev you can't come back. that's the schuylkill iway to south street, south street all the way to the river. you don't want to get stuck
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outside of the box. >> we have it all only our "nbc 10 news" app. the moment police shot and killed a man in a wheelchair. we hear from the police chief why the officers opened fire.
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it's 6:16. a man who admitted to shooting and killing a case worker will be sentenced. richard plots pleaded guilty but mentally ill. the shooting last summer left theresa hunt dead. the charges carry a mandatory life sentence but since plots has a long history of mental illness that could be factored into sentencing. >> the wilmington police chief is standing by officers after
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they were caught on camera shooting and killing a man in a wheelchair. >> we're going to show you a portion but it's pretty graphic. >> over here. >> the police were demanding that jeremy mcdowell show them his hands. we let the audio play out. you heard gun shots there. police responding to a call after self-inflicted gunshot wound. a witness told us he saw mcdowell shoot himself and fire shots into the air. >> there were several other shots fired prior to us getting there. >> you know was there any other video? >> not that i'm aware of. >> i need answers. >> the governor and the mayor have expressed condolences to the family. the officers involved were placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation by the attorney general's office.
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the state chapter of the naacp is calling for an independent investigation by a special prosecutor. philadelphia police are downplaying any possibility of someone impersonating an officer during the papal visit. those concerns arose after someone stole police gear from two officers' personal vehicles. on wednesday someone stole a uniform for an officer's car and saturday someone stole an officer's gun, ammo and handcuffs. police have not revealed where the thefts happen but insist there is no credible threat of a possible police impersonator. >> we've got to deal with road closures and also an accident on 95. >> jessica boyington has you covered. tell us about the accident. >> we can't forget people trying to get to work now before the highways are closed. which by the way 95 will remain open for the remainder of the papal visit. it's actually seems to be in a little bit of a stand still but around broad street.
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so we have an accident scene. there is police activity in the right hand shoulder. a backup behind that. let's take a look at what's going to happen in philadelphia when the pope arrives starting at 10:00 p.m. the schuylkill expressway eastbound closed blue route to 95. westbound closed from 95 to route 1, the vine street expressway closed, route 1 from route 30 to belmont and the ben franklin bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic. we'll only have a pedestrian available bridge. for 95, like i said will be completely open but there will be several emergency exits closed off to the public. the traffic box we keep showing you in center city goes into effect at 6:00 p.m. and in west philly at 10:00 p.m. there are more road closures.
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some changes as we go into your weekend. talking about increasing clouds. you'll notice it mostly cloudy skies, comfortable this morning but the breeze is up, winds are gusting in the area, so it's going to stay breezy and cooler as we go through this weekend and we are talking about the papal forecast. we'll show you that in a second. it's 57 in allentown. 61 westchester. 66 now in philadelphia, 63 wilmington. mid-60s in dover. at the atlantic city airport and one thing with the winds, this weekend we have a coastal flood advisory for some shore communities in parts of cape may down to sussex county until midnight saturday morning. we're looking at pretty strong onshore winds. 25 to 35 miles per hour. dangerous rip currents so this is one thing we need to watch as we go into the weekend. mostly for tonight it's going to be coming in at the same time as high tide. that's what we need to watch with those winds.
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locally we're dry, the rain is to our south. it should be staying to the south really over the weekend. mostly cloudy through the area right now. but we are nice and dry. here's the papal planner, so for saturday mostly cloudy, 8:00 in the morning mid-60s. by 4:00 p.m. at mid 70s, 8:00 saturday evening around 70 degrees. for sunday we'll see the clouds around and will be breezy. the rain should be to our south, by 4:00 p.m. temperatures around 73 degrees. so looking pretty good as we go across the weekend. more clouds, cooler, breezy temperatures, mid to upper 70s. and we stay comfortable as we go into the weekend and there you see rain chances come back for monday. then the 80s return. it's 6:21. >> pope francis coming off two days of historic appearances. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. >> we will hear the pope's simple message to congress.
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6:25. the pope's visit to washington, d.c., its historic address to a joint meeting of congress. he urged lawmakers to cooperate on the issue of immigration and to embrace what he called the stranger in our midst. >> i say this to you as the son of immigrants knowing that so many of you are also descendants from immigrants. >> florida senator and gop presidential hopeful marco rubio wiped away a tear as he listened. immigration was not the only topic the pontiff touched on. he addressed the death penalty, climate change and poverty. the pope reminded congress of the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto
6:26 am
you. >> we most go forward as one, renewed spirit of fraternity. >> during his speech the pope referenced dr. martin luther king, dorothy day and thomas merton to applause. >> and good morning everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. what we're looking at now is the backup behind a multivehicle accident on 95. this is in between broad street and the walt whitman bridge. self lanes being lost there. if i take a look at the accident scene look likes a mess bust it's not all to talk about with closures with the pope. we'll cover those when i come back. for now a check on the forecast
6:27 am
with meologist sheena parveen. >> pretty nice conditions, here is the sunrise now. the sun on its way to rising. we have the clouds around. more clouds and breezy, pretty comfortable. then the weekend we see breezy and cool and you'll notice changes too. so coming up your weekend forecast and of course the papal forecast for the weekend. that's next.
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history in the making. pope francis has another busy day ahead before setting his sights on our area. we'll track his journey. >> securing the city. extra screenings and more precautions went into place in the last 30 minutes. we'll tell you how to prepare. >> expect cooler and breezy
6:31 am
weather. here is a live look from sky force 10. we'll tell you what to expect through the papal weekend. beautiful out there. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 65 degrees. right to meteorologist sheena parveen in. >> good morning. we're looking at a pretty nice start. you notice the changes with more clouds coming in time for the weekend. right now, though, we're at 66, philadelphia 63, wilmington mid-60s, and dover and atlantic city, in the 50s north and west, allentown 57, reading 57, 59 degrees right now in pottstown. so a breezy day, clouds will be in the area. if you're in new jersey and delaware along the shore we have a coastal flood advisory with a persistent onshore wind so we'll be windy. 8:00 this morning around the mid-60s, noon around 73. mostly cloudy around the philadelphia area. upper 60s by noon low 70s, areas north and west through the lehigh valley by 10:00 mid-60s by noon closer to 70 degrees.
6:32 am
coming up a closer look at the papal weekend forecast and the rest of the area too that's straight ahead. >> pope francis wilk coming to philadelphia that means more road closures in advance of the pope's visit. the secure vehicle perimeter traffic box is officially in effect. you must move your car in the city garages or out of the area altogether. if you plan to take the train in to town, several septa stations are closed including suburban station, the fifth and 15th street stops on the market frankford line, city hall on the broad street line, and the 15th street trolley stop. if you take the vine street expressway look at this video from sky force. several section its are closed and will remain closed through the weekend. >> the exits are closed but the vine street expressway is open but there are a lot of other road closures. >> yes. so we're going over some of the main closures in the
6:33 am
philadelphia area that are creating the most problems. the ben franklin parkway from art museum to logan circle. kelly drive to fair mount to art museum circle. additionally we did have traffic was allowed before to kriv around the circle and now that has come to a halt. no traffic involved in that area as well. exspecs these closers. art street from fourth to seventh and seventh to eighth street. those will be closed as well. to touch on the -- excuse me the vine street expressway the exits closed broad street, 23rd for the ben franklin parkway and eighth. the entire vine street expressway is open now except for the exits but the entire thing from here to here, from 95 to the schuylkill expressway will be closed later tonight by 10:00 p.m. >> 6:33.
6:34 am
65 degrees. and the pope does arrive in philadelphia tomorrow. before that happens he's spent a busy day in new york last evening and today. he will address the general assembly, then will head to the 9/11 memorial and museum at world trade center. around 11:30. he will visit a school, parade through central park and end with a mass at madison square guard be. katy speshsedow that city welcomed him. tell us more. >> where are you from? why are you all so excited? >> it sounds like we've got some
6:35 am
audio problems with katy's mic. we'll take care of it and come back to her report later on. >> right now the barricades are up. if you want to walk around center city you might have to go through security screenings. >> on the ben franklin parkway, 20th street east, the 12th is only accessible to pedestrians screened by a metal detector. today is no the day under five square miles of center city and west philadelphia will be off limit to cars. at 6:00 the so-called traffic box will go into effect. people who live here but outside of the event can drive in the zone. if you leave you may not re-enter until monday. by 10:00 tonight secure perimeters around university city will take effect. major roads, highways and bridges shut down. the ben franklin bridge will be a pedestrian bridge. >> let's check in now with jesse gary in sky force 10.
6:36 am
what are you seeing from above? >> we're seeing police activity on 15th by the vine street. police activity you can see and also actually on vine street on the westbound side, those are blocking the exit ramps. if you are on vine street it's going to close but for right now the exit ramps are already closed so. they have a large vehicles like dump trucks and a flashing arrow on the back of that directing traffic. that is the police activity on 15th, over on logan in the square or logan circle. and on the parkway as well. the parkway as jessica boyington found, there is the activity for
6:37 am
people. a beautiful sunrise. >> live on sky force 10. >> the "nbc 10 news" app has you covered. it can help you get ready for the weekend and then all weekend long you can watch the event screaming live and get all of the information. well, clouds will be increasing as we go into the weekend for the papal visit. starting with today, it's breezy outside too so breezy and cooler as we go across the weekend. and of course the papal forecast i'll show you that in a second. right now we're pretty comfortable out, 57 allentown, 61 in westchester, 60 degrees now in glassboro, in dover. in south we have a coastal flood
6:38 am
advisory. all the counties you see in green, pretty persistent onshore wind, gusts here 25 to 30 miles per hour today so. dangerous rip currents will be in the forecast. if you are at the shore t beaches, keep that in mind. >> wouldn't be surprised if parts of south delaware saw showers but we're going to seep the cloudy skies in. temperatures about mid-70s for most of the area, mostly cloudy, then we go into the weekend for the papal visit on saturday. mostly cloudy saturday morning temperatures about the mitt to low 60s. more the mid to low 70s saturday night into sunday morning we do stay mostly dry with clouds around and by sunday morning temperatures in the low 60s. across the weekend, clouds around, breezy, high temperatures in mid-70s. today mostly cloudy, cooler,
6:39 am
breezy, it's 75 to 78 degrees for the high. there you see the cloud cover continues saturday and sunday but at least most of the rain stays to our south and the 80s return. >> 20 minutes before certain clock. that shot he has you can see what's happening on the ground. >> jessica. >> we have a special map made for all of the street closures inside the traffic box. i'm sure you heard a lot about it and probably confused what it is. right now we're going to highlight all of the special areas for you. you can see in red here, our fenced in areas, the red area here, and the red area in here. that's a ticket you won't be allowed to access without a ticket. for fenced in areas that's in this darker purple shade. no tickets allowed.
6:40 am
as for the yellow area that highlights all of those in here. this is no cars at all. all vehicles will be towed, removed out of this area. so this will be in effect by 6:00 p.m. tonight. so plan accordingly there. your parking passes won't work after this point. cars that are in the area. say you live inside poort of this you can drive your car but it is allowed to be in the area to move around f. you believe that area you will not be allowed access back. your best bet is find a garage and get in it because you'll not be allowed to get back into this spot. this is a good number to have. if your car is towed, call
6:41 am
888591-3636. >> out west this morning we're learning new information about a deadly duck boat crash. we'll explain how the wreck that killed four college students has a philadelphia connection.
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6:44 am
we have new information on the deadly duck boat crash in seattle. we learned that two men from philadelphia were involved. the national transportation safety board has a team on the way to investigate this cause. at least four people died and dozens injured when the boat collided with a tour bus and three other vehicles. one of those vehicles was suv that was carrying two men from philadelphia. they were not seriously hufrmt many of the victims were part of a student program at north seattle college. >> the company that operates the duck boats ride the ducks has been involved in two deadly
6:45 am
crashes in philadelphia. the most recent happened in may. a duck boat hit and killed a tourist as she crossed the street. no charges were filed but the woman's family is suing. their attorney is renewing his call for a moratorium on duck boats. he also represented the family's of victims five years ago on the delaware river. two tourists were killed when a boat was rammed by a barge. ride the ducks did not operate tours in philadelphia for eight months after that accident. >> back to our papal coverage. before the pope arrives in philly tomorrow he has a full itinerary today. katy zachry was in new york yesterday and experienced how the city welcomed him. >> reporter: in new york people are marveling how energized the pope appeared despite a rigorous schedule. and he is always an i pated. the crowd pled that you have energy especially this group. the students attend a catholic
6:46 am
high school tloond the lotly they were lucky enough to win a spot standing on the step it is of st. patrick's cathedral. the job, greet pope francis as he walked into prayer service. one girl wanted a blessing or a hug. >> so emotional like you don't see the pope all the time or like if you go to vatican city you won't see him there either. he's coming to us. >> he is coming to them. he's coming to us too tomorrow. it's exciting. at the cathedral the pope was greeted by new york's governor, mayor and congressional leaders. he will address the united nations. >> today the final kay of the world meeting of families in philadelphia. things are getting kicked off with mass at 8:30, then a keynote speech, the joy of the kbos pe gospel of life. we're starting to see larger crowds on philadelphia streets and popular spots. it's only expected to get more
6:47 am
crowded. mayor nutter acknowledged that businesses will be impact bid the pope's visit in different ways. the city is ready and the police commissioner tells us his officers will be ready. if pope francis decides to go off his itinerary or just stop. >> we're flexible. but if he wants to make adjustment in his itinerary, i hope he doesn't but if he does we'll handle it. >> city leaders expect businesses to make an extra $4 million this weekend. so the pope will be here. right now in new york city. let's find out what's ahead. >> for that we say good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> nice to see you. the pope takes manhattan. massive crowds, major security, he gets set for the busiest day yet of his u.s. tour zblfrmt how the spoke is spending tift time
6:48 am
here and we'll talk about a special moment for savannah and me. >> two-time oscar winner robert deniro will be here. >> kenny rogers has news to share when we see you here on a friday morning on "today." back to you. >> can't wait for the surprise. we look forward to it. >> you got it. we have a comfortable morning for the area to end out this week but some changes as we go into the weekend. clouds increasing, you'll notice them today even through the weekend and also some breezy winds, cooler temperatures too. and we are of course talking about the papal forecast for this weekend. i'll show you that in a second. we have cloud. dry across the area too. temperature in philadelphia 66 degrees right now. we're reporting mostly cloudy skies at philadelphia
6:49 am
international airport. temperatures through the lehigh valley, 57 allentown. about the mid to low 60s much of south jersey. 70 degrees in wild kood. we are seeing the clouds to the north of that rain though but we don't have the rain around. i wouldn't be surprised if some saw a few light showers but i think we'll be mostly dry. we have a -- this is going to coinside with high tide later on today. near about 25 to 35 miles per hour. future weather, cool and breeze e clouds move in, each for saturday. sunday, same thing, cloudy skies, breezy and the rain mostly to our south so it looks pretty good. you see the bulk of the moisture i think on the dry side. through the afternoon. we'll top out tip mid 70s.
6:50 am
same thing pretty much. about mid-70s. more clouds, the brees with us wednesday from 10 to 2 miles an hour into the qund. morning temperatures. a few rain chances and the 80s come back. >> thanks for that. 10 before 7:00. we have you covered if you need go into center city or move around there are closures >> where ever you are headed here is jessica boyington. >> exactly what you need to know. am i going to be able to get to where i have to go. is in philadelphia 10:00 p.m., tonight, the schuylkill expressway closed from the blue route and also to 1. the vine street i will be closed.
6:51 am
route 1 from bell tonight and the bench franklin bridge. 95 will be open but we do have select emergency ramps blocked off. washington avenue and broad street as well as the traffic tox we're talking about. it goes into effect at 6:30 and in west will will at 10:00 p.m. a lot of pass transit stations are going into special territory. no service out of city hall. as for the trolleys, 15th and the regional rail the suburban station. vai. >> when a jersey shore woman attend's sunday's outdoor papal mass the combination after mass (she made to thurz and made sure that orthan 100 can go with her. she gets juice bumps.
6:52 am
she rented two buses that will bring her and 113 others, her staffer township. she began organizing the trip months ago. it's a mission to fulfill a promise to herself back in 1979 when she didn't go to see pope john paul ii. >> i will never let this happen. if a pope comes i'm going to be there. >> other wise i probably would not have gone in. >> i did walk across the bridge. it's a pilgrimmage she wanted to make for 36 years. more than 100 latino imi kbrants are planning to march tomorrow. a nonprofit fights for the rights of immigrants. they will walk tomorrow to
6:53 am
listen to the pope speak and hope his message on immigration is heard loud and clear by american politicians. >> right now in this country with people ling donald trump who are attacking our community, it's not a place of love but of hate our love is not the change saturdays and minds. >> we are preparing for the pope on the ground and in the sky. jesse carry is over the city of sky force 10. the best view. >> what's up, man. they are moving concrete on broad street in the so-called right after the break.
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good morning. i'm jesse gary live in sky force 10. we are above center city and above the security zone. you can see this large equipment is being used to move concrete barriers into place near a security checkpoint on broad street. seeing this type of activity all during the early morning hours as philadelphia prepares for the arrival of pope francis tomorrow. live, jesse green bay packers "nbc 10 news." i'm live outside of security check points along the ben franklin parkwayment we're watching concrete barriers being placed where thousands of people according to the federal officials will be lining up to enter the parkway. the fbi has been canvassing the area, philadelphia police also
6:58 am
arriving on bicycles. signs are posted along letting people know what they can and cannot take into the designated area. here's what will happen over the day. all of the emergency routes will be off limits to cars. the so-called center city traffic box takes effect as does the secure perimeters around independence mall and university city. major roads, highways, will be closed, ben franklin parkway will be closed as well to be transformed into a pedestrian bridge. we're going to continue to see this area designated francis festival grounds take shape and have development throughout the course of the day. live outside the ben franklin parkway, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news". >> i'm first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. lots of closures to talk about. we're going to talk about now what is happening at this
6:59 am
moment. on the vine street expressway a certain amount of exits closed. it remains open from 95 to the schuylkill expressway but the exits closed broad, 23 and the ben franklin parkway and eighth street. the vine street expressway will close tonight at 10:00 p.m. watch for the schuylkill expressway eastbound ramp to spring garden closed parts of the schuylkill will close tonight by 10:00 p.m. here is a beautiful shot from sky force 10, the sun rise just gorgeous. one thing you notice, though, a few more clouds around. that will be the case for the rest of the day. even into the weekend. very comfortable, though, i think the better rain chances will be staying far to the south of philadelphia. so it looks good for the papal visit and cloudy and breezy as we go through the weekend. the 80s return. >> the "today" show is next. we'll have local updates coming up. >> you can get updates to everything you need to know
7:00 am
about the papal visit on our app. check it out. everything you need to know about what's going to happen this weekend. good morning. new york city marathon. pope francis gets set for his busiest day yet, the u.n., ground zero, harlem, central park, madison square garden all on the schedule. [ cheers and applause ] last night an unforgettable welcome at st. patrick's thedral. >> papa francisco, welcome to st. patrick's cathedral. >> and a moment savannah and i will never forget today, friday, september 25th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," pope francis in america, with the matt lauer and savannah guthrie live


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